Nabeela Jivraj


Nabeela Jivraj is a Montreal-based millennial who loves to tell anyone who will listen about social media activism (those good memes), filter bubbles (and how we’re trapped in one), and how much she loves Calgary. She has worn multiple hats (including of course, a cowboy hat), but is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Public Health at McGill University.

Prior to moving to Montreal, Nabeela spent time working with research and community development projects in both Toronto and Kenya which focussed on improving access to essential sexual health services. She has worked as a facilitator for a variety of organizations focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion in both Calgary and Kingston. Through these experiences, she consistently saw the need for information to be more accessible across organizations and disciplines, and developed a wild interest in “knowledge translation”, aka writing and storytelling.

She loves that Btchoin helps her improve her own financial literacy, and was drawn to write for Btchcoin to keep making financial news accessible to young women.

IG: @nabeelajivraj

Twitter: @nabeelajivraj

LinkedIn: Nabeela Jivraj