Laurel Sallie

Production Editor

Laurel is a fierce believer in words, coffee, that snow is Mother Nature’s way of showing us that magic exists, and that knowledge and access to information is a fundamental right.

She has worked as a cub reporter in the newsroom, a wide-eyed marketing writer at an international Foundation (where she met Claire), a digital-marketer for a non-profit, and now as a communicator for the Federal Government.

What she found regardless of the place or position was that words matter; how we use them and the ones we choose to go without. That stories have a way of creating shared understanding and empathy. And that information is something we should all have access to regardless of background, formal education, or the amount you boast in a bank account.

At Btchcoin, Laurel will use stories to make finance and economics more accessible.

LinkedIn: Laurel Sallie