Erin Fiell

Managing Editor, Head of Digital

Erin is a Calgary-born, UK-based Digital Marketing Manager for one of Scotland’s leading agricultural businesses.

Days after completing her last final exam at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business in 2016, Erin hopped the pond and began her work overseas as an intern for a small public relations agency in London. She has since risen through the ranks and moved north of the English border, eventually working her way into her current managerial position where she gets to put her tactful writing and creative juices to work on her many digital projects.

Erin loves Btchcoin’s straightforward and palatable approach to financial reporting for young Canadian women; she will contribute local and international perspectives on finance and economics, in addition to keeping the Btchcoin website up-to-date and lookin’ pretty.

IG: @erin.nicole.f

LinkedIn: Erin Fiell