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    Emma Amaral is a native Torontonian, currently wrapping up a Master of Global Affairs degree at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. In undergrad she studied psychology, and took a gap year to work in the mental health and criminal justice space. During this year, Emma found herself completely out of her comfort zone while working in the shelter system, in detention centres, and psychiatric facilities across the city.

    Emma came out of this experience emotionally fatigued and slightly traumatized, but highly motivated. She pivoted towards global affairs to better understand how invisible forces such as politics and economics intersect to affect people’s everyday realities. She is currently trying to understand what “artificial intelligence” really means and how it might further impact inequality around the world.

    Along this twisted path, Emma has had the incredibly good fortune of interning in New York City and studying abroad in Paris. She is no longer such a die hard Torontonian and is looking for more opportunities to leave, especially during dirty slush season.

    LinkedIn: Emma Amaral

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