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    Pema Banigan

    Pema is a Toronto-native and VP of Operations & Public Affairs for Three Lefts, a Canadian blockchain company. A recent graduate of Master of Global Affairs program at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Pema has past work experience as an intern at Canada’s leading government relations and public strategy firm. She was drawn to contribute to the development of B*tchcoin after noticing a gap in personal finance information for Canadian women. That, and Claire forced her to join.

    Taryn Bergin

    Taryn joined B*tchcoin when Claire realized someone with an MBA might look good on the website. Taryn is from Lindsay, Ontario, where she also founded and ran the popular local coffee shop, Boiling Over’s Coffee Vault. Needless to say, she makes a mean caramel macchiato. Taryn is currently completing her MBA at the Smith School of Business. She has lived in Connecticut, California, and Arizona in a constant quest to discover what she wants to be when she grows up.

    Lindsey Cox

    Lindsey is a Communications and Economics student at the University of Calgary. She is passionate about social policy, financial accessibility and equality. After graduation, Lindsey hopes to pursue a Masters of Public Policy. The B*tchcoin mission towards financial accessibility and empowerment is why Lindsey joined the team, as she believes economics is for everyone!

    Sabrina Dotsch

    Sabrina is a born and raised Torontonian who loves to read, write, and create. After graduating from the Media, Information, and Technoculture program at the University of Western Ontario in 2019, she began working in marketing for a global hearing healthcare company. As a typical gen z’er she’s always consuming content and thought it was about time she began producing the type of content she was looking for- insightful, engaging, and digestible. She is passionate about helping young Canadians become involved and educated about personal finance to learn how to best save, invest, and spend their money to achieve their financial goals. When she’s not stressing over housing prices in Toronto, she loves to travel and eat outrageous things.

    Erin Fiell
    Managing Editor, Head of Digital

    Erin is a Calgary-born, UK-based Digital Marketing Manager for one of a leading supplier of critical services to the global energy industry. Days after completing her last final exam at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business in 2016, Erin hopped the pond and began her work overseas as an intern for a small public relations agency in London. She has since risen through the ranks and moved north of the English border, eventually working her way into her current post where she gets to put her tactful writing and creative juices to work on her many digital projects. Erin loves Btchcoin’s straightforward and palatable approach to financial reporting for young Canadian women; she will contribute local and international perspectives on finance and economics, in addition to keeping the Btchcoin website up-to-date and lookin’ pretty.

    Robyn Fiell

    Robyn was born and raised in Calgary, AB, where she grew up alpine ski racing in the winters and hiking in the summers. After finishing high school, Robyn fled the west and followed her interest in earth sciences to Queen’s University where she graduated with a degree in Geological Engineering. Upon completion, she returned to Calgary and began work as a Research Associate at RS Energy Group, a tech company that uses advanced analytics to support businesses operating or investing in the oil & gas market. At work, Robyn focuses on geologic basin analysis and resource evaluation, but outside work you’ll find her in the mountains, at spin class, or of course, working on Btchoin. Robyn loves that Btchoin makes learning financial concepts fun, makes keeping up with capital markets exciting, and most importantly inspires our readers to apply Btchcoin learnings into their own lives and careers.

    Cydney Melnyk

    Coming from Calgary, Alberta, Cydney has experienced the tumultuousness of living in a city with a boom and bust economy. This is where her interests in economic trends and finance stems from. As a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, she has a great understanding of globalization and its effect on Canadian markets. She has also studied and worked in several cities throughout Canada, Europe and Africa. Currently living in Ottawa and working for the federal government, Cydney will use her global experiences to offer unique perspectives to financial news. As a long-time follower of the weekly newsletter, she loves Btchcoin’s no-nonsense approach to finance. She is very excited to join a team of like-minded women as a contributor to Btchcoin.

    Shivani Persad

    Shivani Persad is a full-time model and journalist, born in Trinidad and raised in Mississauga. She graduated from McMaster University in 2012 with an honours degree in political science and a bachelor's degree in French. As a model, she's lived all over the world and currently resides in NYC. Since 2019 Shivani has been pursuing a career in journalism, hosting the Well Said podcast by Indigo Books and Music Inc. and hosting her own weekly news show on HAPPS TV called The Comment Section. She has pieces published in Teen Vogue, TVO, The Juggernaut, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Business, Anti-Racism Daily and more.

    Sydney Piggott

    Sydney is a young professional/intersectional feminist/world traveller who is super passionate about all things gender equity, diversity and inclusion. She’s worked in the financial sector, corporate social responsibility, international development and is now the Manager of Programs and Projects at YWCA Canada. She also serves on the board of directors of Springtide Resources and is a member of Canada’s Gender Equality Network. Sydney is a recent grad of the Master of Global Affairs program at the University of Toronto – Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and has an undergrad in International Development Studies from McGill University. She was drawn to B*tchcoin because she knows from her lived and professional experience how hard it is to find financial literacy resources for young women. Plus, she’s always looking for ways to budget for her next girls’ trip.

    Katusha Saraiva
    Social Media Specialist, Contributor

    Katusha is a Bachelor of Commerce student in her final year of study at Ted Rogers School of Management with a major in Global Management. She is interested in marketing as it relates to strategy and business management. This past summer, Katusha had the opportunity to intern for a start up company operating out of the Fashion Zone – Canada’s first incubator for fashion inspired business.

    Paisley Sim

    Paisley Sim is a member of the first cohort of McGill's Max Bell School of Public Policy. Her experience includes working for Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and as Special Advisor to Alberta's Minister of Justice. She spent ten years working for an international music and arts festival managing everything from non-resident immigration to comedy bookings. She is a generalist, strategic planner, and organizer motivated by climate change and complexity based in Montreal.

    Sukhmeet Singh

    Sukhmeet is an Indian-Canadian, currently working for UNICEF Standing Group of National Committees. She is simultaneously completing her extension Masters in Finance at Harvard. Sukhmeet’s primary area of interest is developmental finance and economics. Her career goals are to work for international financial institutions in the financial equity space. She was drawn to Btchcoin as she wishes to be an advocate for gender equality in the finance industry. Joining and contributing to Btchcoin is a step in that direction.

    Claire Porter Robbins
    Founder, Managing Editor

    Claire started B*tchcoin for the same reason you’re probably reading it: there’s just not enough straightforward financial news out there that young Canadian women can relate to. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Claire has had numerous jobs requiring her to greet customers with a ‘howdy’! In addition, she’s lived in Toronto, Ottawa, and New York City, working for the federal government and the United Nations. Her interest in finance stems from working for the Office of the CEO & Economics at a large bank in Toronto. Claire recently graduated with a Master’s in Global Affairs, specializing in global capital markets, from the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. She now spends her free time calculating how long it will take to pay off her student debt.

    Hannah Rosen
    Production Editor

    Hannah is your classic Calgary born and raised millennial: hikes until blisters stop her, grew up riding horses in Kananaskis, worked for the Calgary Stampede as a summer job, and has a love hate relationship with Alberta oil. She grew up with a love for security and international relations, focusing on extremism, genocide, and war (a casual childhood interest). While her love for the mountains and rolling blue skies was strong, she ran to Ontario at 18 to pursue her undergrad at Queen’s University (cha gheill) in Political Studies and Global Development Studies. Alberta couldn’t summon her back after that, and she moved to Toronto, completing her Master of Global Affairs at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. With her focus largely being on gender perspectives in security and war, Hannah pushed to co-found the first Toronto chapter of Women in International Security Canada, bringing together Toronto’s women and gender-diverse folks in the field of security to collaborate and celebrate their achievements. Hannah is currently a gender specialist, working for the Federal government in the security sector. While finances were largely left out of the conversation growing up, she is committing to making sure no nonsense information (with a gender lens) is getting read, and understood. Catch her in Ottawa, missing Alberta, and escaping back to the mountains whenever possible.

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