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Claire Halley RobbinsFounder, Managing Editor

IG: @claire_halley

Twitter: @clairehalleyr

LinkedIn: Claire Robbins

Erin Fiell | Managing Editor, Head of Digital

IG: @erin.nicole.f

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Emma Amaral | Contributor

LinkedIn: Emma Amaral

Pema Banigan | Contributor

Taryn Bergin | Contributor

Twitter: @TarynBergin

LinkedIn: Taryn Bergin

Jenessa Crognali | Contributor

Twitter: @JenessaCrognali

LinkedIn: Jenessa Crognali

Ruhee Ismail-Teja | Contributor

Nabeela Jivraj | Contributor

IG: @nabeelajivraj

Twitter: @nabeelajivraj

LinkedIn: Nabeela Jivraj

Bronwyn McCarter | Contributor

Sydney Piggott | Contributor

IG: @sydneypiggott

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Laurel Sallie | Production Editor

IG: @losallie

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Katusha Saraiva | Social Media Specialist, Contributor

IG: @katusha.saraiva

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